The Modern Warrior

The term Warrior conjures up many images, from the samurai of feudal Japan to the Native American Warriors of the Plains. We look back on these images with romantic notions of bravery, honor, and duty — of fighting for noble causes and dying in service to one’s lord or people.

What relevance does the Warrior have in our high-tech world of the Internet and throw-away global economies? ; There are no more lords, no more riders on the plain. The life that these warriors lived no longer exists. We modern Americans are living lives that are so fast and so complex that even the Buddha himself would be hard pressed to maintain his discipline. It is precisely this discipline of the Buddha, obtained through the warrior’s path, which we need to bring back into our lives: one that provides a strong fundamental understanding of our place in society and the rights and responsibilities that we have as members of this new global village.

One idea that occurred to me was to start a community-focused martial arts academy in Vallejo, California, which teaches its students how to collaborate with others and to use their skills to benefit their communities. ; I will be offering training in Seibukan Jujutsu — a martial art whose action principles are No Challenge, No Resistance and No Injury. I will provide both children and adults the skills necessary to create an exciting and powerful personal life journey. ; I will also be offering training in classes such as Cudgel, Cane, and Blade Arts, as well as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. ;

Through these Vallejo Martial Arts classes, I hope to provide both children and adults the tools needed to become VICTOR(s) — Vigilant, Impeccable, Common-Sensed, Tolerant, Observant and Responsible — students who possess a spirit of cooperation, family, ; and community.

Modern warriors direct their energy to benefit both local and world communities — through law enforcement, garbage collection, or educating chldren: the modern warrior must answer the call. ; To act in a selfless manner, to do that which is right, to perform the most thankless tasks with humility and grace shows the character of a true modern warrior.

Sensei Bear Roberts

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