Seikendo – The Healing Art of Seibukan Jujutsu

From the standpoint of integrity, responsibility and balance, we, as students of the Martial Art Seibukan Jujutsu, must know the self-defense applications as well as healing skills. Balance, is one law of the universe. The pendulum swings until balance is achieved. Seibukan Jujutsu is the way of the warrior. One of the many qualities of the warrior is the awareness of causes and effects of actions taken or not taken. Responsibility is the “capacity to respond”. A warrior is not only able to respond to what comes towards us, but to stand behind our actions and be responsible for all we do or don’t do. Our ability to respond impeccably and with integrity brings us to the warrior’s arena.

Philosophically, in the Martial Art Seibukan Jujutsu, we view the use of violence permissible only as a means of self-defense. Once our opponent has surrendered, we have an obligation to help him. Fighting is a necessary policy only when there is no other solution. We stress “no injury”, the ability to use skills necessary to subdue the attacker without causing serious injury. Serious injury or even death can occur, but that is not our intention. We have mentally and spiritually conquered the attacker’s will and fighting is no longer necessary. If you can help him recover, you may be able to affect change in the attacker. In this manner, our ability becomes a strategic tool with which to accomplish larger goals in life.

Healing involves the principle of reciprocity. We need to become aware of strengthening our ability to equally give and receive. Healing also is the ability to connect. These aspects play an important role in our study of Seibukan Jujutsu. The techniques in this art have the ability to injure, externally and internally, in a self-defense situation. In the practice of these techniques, we do not injure, but can create a state of energetic imbalance in our partners. When energies in the body are out of balance we experience a variety of symptoms. For this reason Seikendo (sei=correct, proper; ken=health; do=way) has been established. Seikendo, the way of correct health.

Seikendo is a synthesis of various healing arts. These arts are: Shiatsu (Japanese finger pressure therapy), basic massage, meridian therapy, physical therapy, subtle energies, Chi Kung (a Chinese healing art cultivating the body’s internal energy), and theories of Oriental medicine.

This art blends Western and Traditional Oriental Medicine. It is a combination of scientific theory and experiences gained through centuries of practice. Seikendo contains exercises and meditations for illness prevention. These are done on a daily basis, if one chooses. Given our fast paced lives, these are designed for maximum benefit and require little time.

The techniques used to balance and heal another are varied and depend on the symptoms. The ability to diagnose certain conditions and apply appropriate treatment is practiced. Seikendo works with 14 keiraku (meridians, or channels of energy). Energy is also applied directly to internal organs and accessing points to various systems of the body. By practicing in this manner, we can prevent illness and disease, and tune ourselves to the subtleties of the body.

In order to accomplish any of this, we first learn about energy (ki), the qualities, textures, the drawing out of and its extension and projection. As we access the healer within, we affect the balance of giving and receiving, of the warrior and the healer. We connect our mind, body and spirit and experience the same in those around us.

Seikendo training and certification course is available exclusively for Seibukan Jujutsu black-belt students with the rank of Shodan and above.

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