Renshi Bear Roberts

Sensei Bear Roberts
Renshi Bear Roberts is a dedicated and masterful martial artist and instructor. He began studying martial at the age of 6 and has trained in Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Pentjak Silat, Escrima, European Sword Arts, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Kun Tao Silat de Thouras, Bagua Zhang and Hsing I. He currently holds a 8th degree black belt and title of Renshi in Seibukan Jujutsu, the title of Shifu/Guru in Kun Tao Silat, Shodan in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu          (ninjujutsu) and is one of the highest ranked Martial Artists in Vallejo. He has been teaching martials arts to children and adults for more the 25 years. He is a founding member of the International Seibukan Jujutsu Association (formed 21 years ago) and the founder of Seibukan Jujutsu of Mendocino.

“I was drawn to Seibukan Jujutsu in part for its ability and willingness to adapt itself to a changing world. Seibukan’s focus on self-confidence, self-discipline and “inner strength” appeals to me. Seibukan Jujutsu gives a person the confidence and ability to defend themselves while at the same time imparting the quick decision making and awareness of one’s environment that allow one to negotiate potentially dangerous situations without resorting to physical force. Both beginning and advanced martial artists are able to gain profound knowledge and abilities in this art.”

Renshi Bear Roberts

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