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Vallejo is a city rich in history, from it’s blue collar roots, to it’s mining activities, to it’s military ship building heritage at Mare Island. It is a tough town in transition from this history to a modern thriving family friendly region. Vallejo and it’s citizens are working hard to make this town a better, safer and more fulfilling place to live and work. We do this by participating in the community, working toward a common goal, and looking out for each other. You will find a lot of friendly smiling faces in this town.

Vallejo Crime Prevention

The downtown area of Vallejo has seen it’s share up economic ups and downs, and associated crime. The economy tanks, and the hooligans and thieves come out of the woodwork. Suddenly businesses, homes and cars are getting broken into and robbed. Citizens get robbed on the streets, and business owners get mugged. While we have this sort of crime, overall the crime rate for Vallejo, is not that bad. We attribute this to citizens banding together to report crime while it is happening, and to report any suspicious activities. Sometimes, just making a criminal understand that they are being watched is enough to chase them away. Citizens in downtown Vallejo, and surrounding neighborhoods can do a lot to make themselves and their loved ones safer and less fearful.

Suggestions for Safer and Crime Free Vallejo Neighborhoods

Form or join a Neighborhood Watch Association. Procure the signs that advertise that your neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch Association.

Report any and all suspicious activity to the Police as soon as possible. Suspicious activity might be the sound of breaking glass when your neighbor is not home, or suspected drug activity, loitering of people you do not recognize in your neighborhood. If someone looks as though they are casing the neighborhood, they probably are. Call the Police. Or if the Police are not available two or more neighbors saying out loud in a strong voice, “Hey, What Are You Doing?!” might be enough to chase away criminal activity.

Self Defense in Vallejo

Take a self defense class to learn how to protect yourself, your family, and friends. The Modern Warrior Arts Academy – A Vallejo Martial Arts School, is located in downtown Vallejo, on the corner of Georgia and Marin Streets. We practice the Ancient Japanese Warrior Art of Self Defense called Seibukan Jujutsu. This was an art originally used by an unarmed Samurai to fight an armed and armored warrior. And while it is an Warrior’s Self Defense art, we are trained to use only what we have too. We can be as lethal and brutal as the situation calls for, but we can also avoid violence all together by assessing the situation and not actually letting ourselves get into the situation in the first place.

Seibukan Jujutsu – Awareness, Assessment and Action

There are three fundamental principles in Seibukan Jujutsu; Awareness, Assessment and Action.

Awareness – Being mentally and physically present in the moment, paying attention to your surroundings, the people around you and listening to that inner voice that senses danger.

Assessment – Gathering as much accurate information as possible about our surroundings and ourselves in a physically or emotionally demanding situation. Skillfully read a dangerous situation, in order to be more assertive in taking appropriate action.

Action – The result of making a decision to alter or accept a situation. Not done lightly, taking action requires trust, commitment and willingness. Taking action is a conscious act with complete awareness and all available information gathered to attain your true desires.

Seibukan Jujutsu – No Challenge, No Resistance, and No Injury

We practice three forms of action to alter a situation; No Challenge, No Resistance, and No Injury.

No Challenge means avoiding a physical confrontation whenever possible. In Seibukan Jujutsu, practitioners develop trust and confidence in their skills and therefore recognize they have a better than average chance of protecting themselves in a physical confrontation. This knowledge and trust makes it unnecessary for the practitioners to prove themselves. With clear awareness and quick, accurate assessment the student can easily walk away from a conflict feeling empowered and assertive, rather than feeling defeated or like a loser.

No Resistance means avoiding the use of force. Taking action with verbal communication can be a powerful decision in applying no resistance. If you are unable to retreat from the situation, verbal de-escalation is the next most appropriate action. In initiating verbal de-escalation, communicate clearly, use defusing techniques and listen actively. Maintain a safe position and a deep, calm but firm voice. During this stage it is important not to send messages that could be perceived as escalating behavior.

No Injury means the confrontation became physical and the Seibukan Jujutsu student uses only what is necessary to control and subdue the attacker without unnecessary violence. To do this, the student must maintain awareness and continue assessing the situation. Whenever possible, call for help. In an emotional or verbal confrontation, express your truth, set your boundaries, and avoid judgment. “No Injury” expresses the intention not to cause serious injury or death, but chances of these are possible. “No Injury” is the intent, but not necessarily the outcome in a violent confrontation.

Kids, Teens and Adults can greatly benefit from self defense training in a program such as Seibukan Jujutsu. While learning how to defend one’s self, you are also learning valuable skills that can be directly applied to community awareness, support and service. We all can work together to stay safe individually and as a whole.

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